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Age: 20 Boobs: 35 CIM one2girl price_$130


Age: 20 Boobs: 35 CIM one2girl price_$130
1. specify name lady
2. Time to your needs.
3. Time to use 45 min, 60 min, 90 min, 2 hrs, or Hour other additional
4. area near you (in call)
5. Address, with zip code, and room number (outcall)
6. elevator need a key card (outcall)

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2 Reviews:

  1. Post by Isabella

    Had a wonderful session with after her short break. where I have had several good sessions before. i got a free BBBJ from her. She then BBBJ me, I applied a drop to her pussy, then use vibrator to massage her, and down the shaft and to licking my balls, Then, she ask, lick my didi, want lick. I pull off from her vagina, she insist and grab my didi and insert into her vagina again. Then relax with a massage. Her best of all, I enjoying watching her sexy back and I was busy rubbing her tits and nipple. Then, she laid down on her back, giving me the CFM look; if you can resist her at this point of time, I then took off the rubber and began sucking first slowly and then really fast. that's a good shot.

    look: 8/10 Sweet and innocent
    Body: 7/10 nice firm
    Boobs:7/10 Round and firm
    Massage :8/10 hard with skill
    BBBJ: 8/10 Excellent! Love her tongue!
    FJ: 7/10 she came, I swear!
    Gfe:9/10 talkative she smiled and put some warm water into her mouth,

  2. Post by Austin

    Great overall experience and great GFE. Her bedside appearance is excellent. Have water for me without asking, hugging me tightly like a real boyfriend The second load was a little challenging for me.

    Faces: 9/10 Cute and beautiful with a hot, hot look.
    Body: 8/10
    BBBJ: 8/10 Her style is slower and more seductive, not commando style. But the suction will feel strong
    FJ: 9.5 / 10 She is in many positions and she needs to use all my requests.
    GFE: 9/10 She can speak English well.


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