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12girl AGE: 21 Boobs: 35 CIM price_$150


12girl AGE: 21 Boobs: 35 CIM price_$150
1. specify name lady
2. Time to your needs.
3. Time to use 45 min, 60 min, 90 min, 2 hrs, or Hour other additional
4. area near you (in call)
5. Address, with zip code, and room number (outcall)
6. elevator need a key card (outcall)

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7 Reviews:

  1. Post by Jio

    I have a picture of you too. The brothers are happy to teach me how to post her pictures. Start rubbing her pussy and breasts and show me the face of her orgasm. Then she saw me an hour later and opened the charm again. I laughed on her face

    See: 7.5 / 10
    Image: 7.5 / 10
    Boobs: B 7/10 cup (cute pacifier)
    BJ: 7/10
    FJ: 8/10

  2. Post by Ashley

    More fun at this time. She also surprised me with her sexy costume. Dewdrop shaped the work for others. There is something for everyone else. It may seem like a spare tire to you. I have been lurking around on this forum since I joined. It's time to take part, I enjoy it, she's doing her best ever squeezing her pussy. It's like pulling me into her very fun. Of course, choosing my next time will definitely be hers.

    Body: 6.5 / 10 The company I like is a slim body. Is my type
    Autoroam: catbath spectacular with tingling Soft tongue feel good
    Pussy: 8.5 / 10 inches and allowed drawings. Wet nature
    Breast: 6/10 Confirmed Tits

  3. Post by Selena

    Pump in a few different positions and she comes many times. The feeling when her pussy clings to your cock is heaven ... soon gives up and unloads.

    BJ: 8/10 Wet suction, feel good!
    Skin: 7/10 white, smooth,
    Boobs: 7/10, good shape
    FJ: 8/10 tight sex! Moan
    Authentic GFE: 8/10 The best part about her!

  4. Post by Goel

    On my way back from work, As soon as I accepted, Maybe it helps others too. I reached the place, had a drink below and waited for the SMS from bro. I signaled to her that I wanted to taste her melons. There seem to be some fun options available. Quite a good experience that well with her. Meet a great girl there that I still see for free sex. was her BBBJ good.

    Looks 7.5/10 always smile
    Body: 7/10 very skinny
    boobs : 7/10 amazingly
    BBBJ 7.5/10 wet & tight
    FJ : 7/10 Wet sweet pussy
    GFE 10/10 yes this is her plus point

  5. Post by Kap

    Thank you recommended Great views of ass Work life while she was doing all the work. While trying to hurt me as Didi Didi does not like to bend forward too much. Capped and made her missionary position and frenching her at the same time. Drill slowly and held her out like a long lost love ... wow feeling a sense of change Cowgirl leaning forward with her.

    Appearance: 6/10, small eyes. Lips great oval.
    FJ: 8/10 second coming with me.
    Boobs: 7/10 at an even greater stranglehold.
    Cathbath: 9/10

  6. Post by Jaxon

    She was tight, she groaned and was delighted with my ears.We started in the missionary position where we spoke French quite a long time after that, we changed to her dog and ass from this point of view, quite a cowgirl Michelle. Standing dog stationary, finished in a normal dog ..

    Complexion: 8/10, smooth, taking
    Little foreplay: 8/10. Know how to tease.
    BBBJ: Good suction 8/10 and she has this skill that focuses on the fire power on the head of the dick which makes me tremble a lot. Her BBBJ is one of the most I have.

  7. Post by Sunny

    Feeling a bit tired this afternoon, wanting a massage, and then starting to think about going ....... I gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried. Ends everything, can not can not suck and touches her breasts can not BBBJ, ask her to catbath her advice on it. But your choice is yours. All in all, I have a great experience.

    Page play: 8/10 Can French, kiss and color .. Very accomodating ..
    FJ position: 8/10 Cowgirl (crushed and big) Back Cowgirl (crushed and big) Doggy missionary,
    Frenching: 7/10 Yes, the first woman to kiss the type.
    BBBJ 8.5 / 10 lick of the head, then down to feel good. Suction is good and enthu is it.


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