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12girl AGE: 21 Boobs: 36 CIM price_$140


12girl AGE: 21 Boobs: 36 CIM price_$140
1. specify name lady
2. Time to your needs.
3. Time to use 45 min, 60 min, 90 min, 2 hrs, or Hour other additional
4. area near you (in call)
5. Address, with zip code, and room number (outcall)
6. elevator need a key card (outcall)

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6 Reviews:

  1. Post by jo

    When it's time for her to return, ready, not really in a hurry, change positions very much, so I don't know how you can stay. But she's not bad when she is on top. The cowgirl feels tight. Then the doggy

    Page: 6/10 (Cute girl in the village, I like Looks innocent)
    Body: 6/10 (small with cup)
    Boobs: 6/10 (Beautiful cup)
    Nips: 8/10 (beautiful light brown)

  2. Post by Tom

    She is friendly and talkative. The style of work is also professional and the customer is important for the first time. The woman looked at a good body and gave BJ as she began to massage my butt, her fingers would run through my ass crack, which was a really shiok feeling, and from the mirror I could see the expression. She has him while playing with my ass. She talks in English! There is quite a good mood.

    7/10 looks pretty sweet
    9/10 real body
    Shed on the face allowed.
    Gf 9/10 A rather talkative girl, treat her well, she will reprocicate a lot of hugs.

  3. Post by Josiah

    Quite innocent in the face of her outside her only help lift her dress up over the breast, then I unbutton her bra to expose a valuable asset to her. The movement is another point and so I grope her breast as hard and a lot. Her hair all my load into her. After I blew him still riding a few minutes and there is a numbness to my dick, I feel like I just went to heaven and back. And then she smiled back at me and condemn those with a sweet smile.

    Catbath: 9/10 tongue very good skills.
    FJ :. 8/10 much support I stopped halfway through, as she says she is feeling.
    French Kiss 8/10
    Painting. I liked it very much important 9/10 odorless.
    BBBJ 8.5 / 10 Stimulation very deep throated BBBJ.

  4. Post by Conrad

    Work well in the shower, very playful and find the right spot. After showering, go to massage. Playing with her ass when she is in a good AR session with oil feels really good. This girl is a slim sexy curve.

    GFE: 7/10 is very friendly, telling her experiences
    Boobs: 8/10, spacious
    BBBJ: 8/10. Great. Working on my head, going out ...
    Pussy: 8/10 Extensive training I think
    FJ: 8/10 Satisfied. Have a good experience.

  5. Post by Mask

    Wow, that makes me feel good. Give her a hug and a kiss and my shower. From what I read, I know that BJ can be short, so I feel I was lucky to get a lot of BJ in the last session. I spent quite a long time to shed BJ's nice to get things started with FJ very tight pussy and I quickly finished the first GFE very energetic. The rest of the body, pale skin tone is average. After that I will go home satisfied completely.

    Massage: 9/10 as part of her standing on my back.
    Painting: 7/10 YES! Loves to lick in 69 position!
    Frenching: 7/10 Yes! Tongue deep frenching
    BBBJ: 6.5 / 10 attempts to suck good, although could be improved.
    Fj: 7/10 was quite accommodating Wow, she has a nice ass Doggie Style Fj after she continued to give me some Leh shoulder massage.

  6. Post by Gsa

    The introduction of intelligent services is noteworthy .. AR cim all in and well done Look cute, do it yourself as well. Big eyes and smooth skin She will suck and rotate her tongue around your dick until you shake and give up on joy.

    FJ - 8/10
    Overall attitude that works very hard - 8/10
    Skin - 8/10 White and smooth
    Shower - 8/10 standard. She washes your dick thoroughly.
    Frenching - 8/10 kissing on the lips only


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