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Incall PriceOutcall Price
Price of SG DollarPrice of USD DollarTimeShotsPrice of SG DollarPrice of USD Dollar
$100$9030 min1 shots$180$170
$110$10045 min1 shots$190$180
$120$11060 min1 shots$200$180
$125$12090 min1 shots$205$190
$130$12090 min2 shots$210$190
$140$13090 min2 shots$220$200
$150$14090 min2 shots$230$210
$160$15090 min2 shots$240$220
$170$1602 hrs1 shots$250$230
$200$1802 hrs2 shots$280$260
$220$2002 hrs3 shots$300$270
$230$2103 hrs2 shots$310$280
$250$2303 hrs3 shots$330$300
$300$2703 hrs4 shots$380$350
$400$3603 hrs5 shots$480$440
$340$3104 hrs2 shots$420$380
$360$3304 hrs3 shots$440$400
$380$3504 hrs4 shots$460$420
$400$3604 hrs5 shots$480$440
$400$3605 hrs2 shots$480$440
$440$4005 hrs3 shots$520$470
$460$4205 hrs4 shots$540$490
$480$4405 hrs5 shots$560$510
$500$4505 hrs6 shots$580$530
$520$4706 hrs3 shots$600$540
$540$4906 hrs4 shots$620$560
$560$5106 hrs5 shots$640$580
$580$5306 hrs6 shots$660$600
$610$5507 hrs3 shots$690$630
$630$5707 hrs4 shots$710$640
$650$5907 hrs5 shots$730$660
$670$6107 hrs6 shots$750$680
$690$6307 hrs7 shots$770$700
$700$6308 hrs3 shots$780$710
$710$6408 hrs4 shots$790$720
$730$6608 hrs5 shots$810$730
$750$6808 hrs6 shots$830$750
$770$7008 hrs7 shots$850$770
$790$7208 hrs8 shots$870$790
$760$6909 hrs3 shots$840$760
$780$7109 hrs4 shots$860$780
$800$7209 hrs5 shots$880$800
$820$7409 hrs6 shots$900$810
$840$7609 hrs7 shots$920$830
$860$7809 hrs8 shots$940$850
$880$8009 hrs9 shots$960$870
$1,000$90010 hrs10 shots$1,080$980
$1,100$99011 hrs11 shots$1,180$1,070
$1,200$1,08012 hrs12 shots$1,280$1,160
$1,300$1,17013 hrs13 shots$1,380$1,250
$1,400$1,26014 hrs14 shots$1,480$1,340
$1,500$1,35015 hrs15 shots$1,580$1,430
$1,600$1,44016 hrs16 shots$1,680$1,520
$1,700$1,53017 hrs17 shots$1,780$1,610
$1,800$1,62018 hrs18 shots$1,880$1,700
$1,900$1,71019 hrs19 shots$1,980$1,790
$2,000$1,80020 hrs20 shots$2,080$1,880
$2,100$1,89021 hrs21 shots$2,180$1,970
$2,200$1,98022 hrs22 shots$2,280$2,060
$2,300$2,07023 hrs23 shots$2,380$2,150
$2,400$2,16024 hrs24 shots$2,480$2,240
Incall PriceOutcall Price
Price of SG DollarPrice of USD DollarOvernight PricePrice of SG DollarPrice of USD Dollar
$330$3001am-8am 7hrs2 shots$410$370
$350$3201am-8am 7hrs3 shots$430$390
$370$3401am-8am 7hrs3 shots$450$410
$430$39012am-8am 8hrs2 shots$510$460
$450$41012am-8am 8hrs3 shots$530$480
$470$43012am-8am 8hrs4 shots$550$500
$500$45011pm-8am 9hrs2 shots$580$530
$530$48011pm-8am 9hrs3 shots$610$550
$550$50011pm-8am 9hrs4 shots$630$570
$570$52011pm-8am 9hrs5 shots$650$590
$580$53010pm-8am 10hrs3 shots$660$600
$600$54010pm-8am 10hrs4 shots$680$620
$620$56010pm-8am 10hrs5 shots$700$630
$630$57010pm-8am 10hrs6 shot$710$640
$650$59010pm-8am 10hrs7 shot$730$660
$650$5909pm-8am 11hrs3 shots$730$660
$670$6109pm-8am 11hrs4 shots$750$680
$690$6309pm-8am 11hrs5 shots$770$700
$710$6409pm-8am 11hrs6 shot$790$720
$730$6609pm-8am 11hrs7 shot$810$730
$750$6809pm-8am 11hrs8 shot$830$750
$780$7108pm-8am 12hrs3 shots$860$780
$800$7208pm-8am 12hrs4 shots$880$800
$820$7408pm-8am 12hrs5 shots$900$810
$840$7608pm-8am 12hrs6 shot$920$830
$860$7808pm-8am 12hrs7 shot$940$850
$880$8008pm-8am 12hrs8 shot$960$870
$900$8108pm-8am 12hrs9 shot$980$890
The price includes rooms and condoms.Paid by cash
Saturday-Sunday Promotion, $ 10 discount

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